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Can Trust Building Behaviors Help?

Diversity & Inclusiveness is a hot topic at the moment. But, how to move the DEI agenda from intention to implementation? Can trust building behaviors help? Yes, say Drs. Dennis Reina and Michelle Reina in their ground breaking work on Trust and Betrayal In The Workplace. They identify 3 core values and 3 constructs and these can sit within the DEI Trust building spectrum. They are:

  • Trust of Character

  • Trust of Communication

  • Trust of Capability.

Trust of Character is about managing expectations and keeping agreements. The starting point to managing expectations is to reflect on what those expectations your diverse workforce have, and follow it by ASKING them.

That starts with intentional conversations with Trust of Communication which is about speaking with good purpose. If your organizational culture is about embracing diversity, and inclusion and about having equitable practices in place, and if your PURPOSE is about changing the face of POWER, have a look at who sits in your Boardroom, who occupies the C-suites. Then, look at how purposeful your organization is in including people of color, ethnicity, gender, age sexual orientation and abilities in your positions of power.

To be purpose driven, Trust of Capability is facilitating diversity of people's skills, thinking, contributions and participation. It is about being transparent and creating a truly inclusive culture. It's about moving the needle from intention to IMPLEMENTATION. It’s about examining systemic inequalities and how that is spelt out in your policies, practices and processes.

What's your take on it?



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