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GameChange Coaching Consultancy founded by Vimala Suppiah PCC-ICF is a boutique professional consultancy, coaching and training body. 

We live in unprecedented times which is dominated by a pandemic coupled with socio-economic, environmental and humanitarian challenges. As leaders we are in organizations | start-ups | NGOs | in families | in community groups and in many more sectors. All these leaders share one common trait. They have the potential to lead with confidence, clarity and compassion. 


As the world lurches from one crisis to another, our leaders are feeling overwhelmed and lost! Employees and families are demotivated, dis-engaged with low morale and under-performing. They are looking for support to cope and manage while leaders are grappling with the many moving parts to re-emerge and shape a fragile future.

Moving forward, these leaders need to steer CHANGE in an uncharted landscape of disruption. We need them to be future-ready leaders with GameChanging SKAVAM-skills, knowledge, attributes, values and abilities and mind-set to bring sustainable changes into a new world order.

At GameChange we are passionate about people development. And, our mission is to empower 10,000 leaders to be the best version of themselves. We coach-consult-train and facilitate leaders to gain a growth mind-set to be impactful and effective in their role. We support them to see beyond their blind-spots and to gain abilities to bring current and future realities into successful and sustainable outcomes. We are their coach/facilitator/sounding-board as they work through issues while leveraging their own wisdom-their inner guru.





Your journey starts with a confidential 30-minute informal Discovery Call to discuss your leadership development and career management needs and priorities

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