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Executive Leadership Coaching


In today's interconnected and challenging environment, executive coaching has taken centre stage as the most important approaches to talent development. Coaching is a partnering process where the coach enters the coaching space with the client, knowing the client has all the answers. It is a powerful empowering process that unlocks the executive’s potential to help her/him to gain insights to become effective and impactful as a leader.


Executive coaching is delivered through state-of-the-art behavioural techniques, tools and activities tailored to the executives’ current issues to enable the client to leverage upon their strengths and minimize their blind-spots and shortcomings. Through our game changing SKAVAM SYSTEM (skills, knowledge, attributes, values, abilities and mind-set), we help our clients to gain confidence and clarity to lead with compassion to be “future ready” leaders.

An executive coaching process starts off with a call from the Sponsor, usually a CEO or MD where we establish and clarify the issue/s for coaching. Once the logistical agreements and outcomes are established, a chemistry session is set up with client/s. Following a briefing and contracting, the coaching agenda is agreed and the one-to-one and/or team coaching sessions starts.

Our coaching work is positioned to impact the eco-system in which the client/s operate and thus, the work is executive development of individuals, their teams and the organization. In that context, the coaching process starts with a 6-month proposal and leads into 12 months as client/s transform, ROIs are met and new goals emerge.

Your journey starts with a confidential 30-minute informal Discovery Call to discuss your leadership development and career management needs and priorities

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