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GameChange Action Learning
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Action Learning



The building blocks to build agile, high-performing teams starts with creating a culture of innovation in which teams can operate. 

Action Learning Coaching is a dynamic process for teams to work on specific identified issues impacting an organization. It involves:

  • problem solving

  • listening

  • building teams

  • developing transformational conversations/communication


As your Action Learning Coach and external partner, we act as a catalyst and facilitate the growth and learning of the group. The focus is on growing the group dynamics, group learning and expanding transformational dialogue to find solutions and to take action.   


Through deep and respectful listening and asking the “What, Why, How, When and Who” questions, and through reflective inquiry, individual and group learning is facilitated.


As the Action Learning Coach, we help individuals to frame questions related to:

  • problem solving

  • actions for implementation

  • individual and group learning

  • evaluating possibilities

  • engaging stakeholders for change

  • reviewing outcomes

Your journey starts with a confidential 30-minute informal Discovery Call to discuss your leadership development and career management needs and priorities

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