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Our mission is to empower 10,000 leaders to be the best version of themselves. In the current VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment, we coach-consult-train and facilitate leaders to Dare To Disrupt-Inspire To Lead towards building a sustainable future. That is our GameChange Agenda.


Vimala Suppiah

Founder and Lead Coach-Consultant

Executive Leadership Coach, PCC-ICF

C-IQ, Conversational Intelligence Enhanced Skills Practitioner

Futurist, Multigenerational Design Architect 

Vimala Suppiah is an award winning 101 Global Coach Leader and Global ICF Professional Certified Executive Leadership Coach-PCC and the Founder of GameChange Coaching Consultancy. She helps clients gain greater self-awareness and clarity about their own personal blind-spots and/or performance gaps and coaches her clients to gain “future-fit” leadership competencies. In that context, she partners with individuals and teams to unleash their potential to achieve extraordinary results through gaining GameChanging SKAVAM (skills, knowledge, attributes, values, abilities and mind-set) to align to the company’s direction, vision, mission and business growth. Her clients include Fortune 500 Company, Japanese manufacturing company, KWAP-the investment arm of Malaysia’s Employee Provident Fund, Abbots Pharmaceuticals, Hilton Group of Hotels, Citizen Advice Bureau (UK), Fresh Graduates, and several Start-up Recruitment companies, numerous UK Health Authorities, and a boutique realtor in South France.


Gurunathan Nagappan CMPC

GameChange Associate

Executive Leadership Coach, ACC-ICF

I am on a mission to spread life changing ideas which will bring positive impact to 1 billion people around the world. I love to inspire people to unlock their actual potential. I believe the Internet is the greatest revolution mankind will ever experience. It will see the extinction of geographical borders, destroy political and social divides, crush racial and gender discriminations and defeat many more unfair advantages. My interest revolves around working in spaces which will help people to make big positive impact in their lives.

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